My new book “The Eve Chronicles” was just published

My new book “The Eve Chronicles” was just published

“The Eve Chronicles” is a collection of three of my fictionalized memoirs which are “From the Waters of Coyote Springs” about when I lived in the remote  Mt. in eastern Oregon near the town of Joseph. Living in a tent in a camp with five other seasoned foresters we make our way across the National forest doing timber inventory.

The second book “Felix and Eve” is about being a caregiver to an elderly man who was recovering from open heart surgery, who told me stories every night when we played cards about the days he worked for Al Capone the notorious gangster.

The third book, “The Arrangement” is about the now retired baby boomer who lives in Eugene Oregon the mecca of progressive and artist types who lives up on Moon Mt. Vinnie who lives in a yurt in her back yard, takes card of her property every summer when she travels to Catalina Island to re live the past with an old friend and ex lover who has Multiple Sclerosis.

In paperback or as individual books for e books


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