Racist remarks by Clipper owner Mr. Sterling. Where is outrage when players are sexist or abuse their women?

May 7,2014

  I watched the press conference about the NBA’s decision to ban Mr. Sterling (owner of the LA Clippers) from being involved with the LA Clippers, due to his racist remarks. (Now mind you he was in the privacy of his home, which brings to light its own impropriety.) He was immediately fined 2.5 million and will most likely be pushed out of ownership; and he was banned from any NBA games. Bravo!! To bigots, racists, sexists everywhere, be warmed: this will not be tolerated in the modern day in which we live. Beware of what you say and to whom. If there is hate in your heart you will be routed out.

   But let us not forget the other systemic problems in the NBA and the rest of the sports industry as a whole; where constant bad behavior of its players is played out in the press. The whole sports industry has dealt with common offenses such as sexist behavior, abuses to player’s wives and other women, rape, gangster involvement and even murder. Many of our sports hero’s think they are above the law.

   I would like to see such outrage the next time a players wife says she’s been abused, we should expect to see all the Mayors of LA and Sacramento, the NBA or NFL to stay up and boldly outcast one of there own. You know who you are, players who continue to play, continue to be treated like celebrities. Who have committed these crimes.

   Zero tolerance should mean zero tolerance for all hateful acts.


Diane DeVillers   Eugene Oregon



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