Marijuana may help people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis: coming soon to a state near you


As more states move toward opening up to marijuana medical, people who suffer from MS may choose to use pot to cure the many things it can help with from spasms, severe pain, nerve pain and inflammation.  As more baby boomers become older their drug of choice may turn out to be something they may want to turn to for the many diseases they are faced with .

Keep an open mind, for someone who suffers severe nerve pain, sometimes morphine is the only choice, Marijuana and morphine work in the same part of the brain that helps you cope with pain and not to cover it up.

Oregon will decide this November if marijuana will be made more available than the medical card that some people get so they can legally consume this drug that has been demonized by the former generation whose drug of choice was alcohol or prescription pills.

If you don’t want to use marijuana then you don’t have to use it but perhaps consider letting someone else who finds it is helpful for their challenges with diseases that all of us one day may have to face.


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