Read ‘The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers″The Eve Chronicles” follows Eve as she does timber inventory in the remote Wallowa Mts in eastern Oregon. “From the Waters of Coyote Springs” shows a free spirited woman holding her own in a camp of mostly men.They live in tents above the Coyote Springs and spend the days measuring the forest. Working in some of the most remote forests not far from Hells Canyon.

Then “Felix and Eve” tells the story of an elderly man who hires a young woman to be his live in caregiver for the summer after having heart by-pass surgery. Eve moves in with Felix in the coastal town of Gold Beach and they soon find out that such two different people from different generations can find a way to come together. Felix is set in his ways and Eve goes with the flow. Felix tells her stories of the good ole days when he worked for Al Capone the notorious gangster.

“The Arrangement” takes place in Eugene, Oregon where Eve a now retired baby boomer buys a house and property on Moon Mt. Vinnie lives in a yurt in her back yard. Every year Eve gets the same letter with a skeleton key in it. She leaves her home in the good hands of Vinnie who as caretaker takes care of her home and gardens while she travels to Catalina Island to spend the winter with a former lover, but it isn’t what you think.

Vinnie is in love with Eve but remains silent.


Free book till Christmas, about exercise and Multiple Sclerosis

Hi friends,
As you get ready for Christmas, I HOPE this can be a stocking stuffer for you.
My new ebook (you need a Kindle or some device with a Kindle app for an ebook) just came out, and since the free day didn’t happen, I asked for 3 free days, to make up for it.  From Tuesday Dec. 22 through Christmas day it is free–I would love for you or an MS friend of yours (or anyone who needs to jump start their New Year’s Exercise Resolution) to have it!  Here is the information–
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From “A song for MS” on facebook, Stewy from Canada sings his serenade to take my pain away.

A tender song from Canada written explicitly for “A song for MS” challenge where musicians challenge other musicians to post a song on the facebook site. Wanting to take my pain away. Playing his cigar box guitar Stewy did take my pain away when i listened to his song full of heart.