The story of a remarkable woman trying to find her place in the world

Follow the journey of a self reliant woman who moves to Oregon to work in the Wallowa Mountains doing timber surveys for the forest service. She pitches her tent with a group of mismatched foresters who are mostly men, who tease her relentlessly until she finds her voice and soon gets the nickname of “Queen of the comeback”



“Pulse” & “Forbearance” published in Issue 30 of Damselfly Press

Bri Bruce Productions

Below is an excerpt from my latest publication in Damselfly Press‘s issue 30–my poem titled “Pulse” that is set to appear in my next collection, The Starling’s Song (2015)


Listen to the Poem

Eating blue mussels
from the perfect domes
of their shells, you twist
a slice of orange into
the foam of your beer.
We argue over the height
of the bridge above the
Noyo River. The water
is like concrete, you say.
I believe someone would
survive. As if I had yielded,
I sat silently regarding
a woman’s leap from
the Golden Gate, the
monstrous voice that
told her to jump. From
across the table, you
place your hand on mine.
I feel the wild coursing
of your pulse, the proof
of our lives in our hands.

* * *

Bri Bruce is an editor, graphic designer, and publisher from Santa Cruz, California. With a bachelor’s degree…

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New book called “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers


Check out this contemporary fiction about a self reliant woman who lives to Oregon to work as a forester in the Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon. With a group of mismatched foresters, she pitches her tent near the Coyote Springs in some of the most remote places in the state.pic of dide at franks place


“From the Waters of Coyote Springs” takes place in Eastern Oregon’s Wallowa Mts


Read about the journey of Eve who goes to live in the forests of Wallowa Mts. where she is a timber cruiser doing timber inventory in the remote Wallowa Mt range. With a group of mismatched foresters she lives in her tent in their makeshift camp around the campfire. Around which they bring their individual stories of where they came from and where they are headed.


Embracing our imperfections in Japanese is called Wabi-sabi

Wabi-sabi is an old Japanese word for accepting the imperfect in the world. The chipped cup, the broken, the not so perfect in ourselves. https://plus.google.com/110281594137407899585/posts/3SsDqzcYDjR

We all have imperfect parts, we all can stand to learn something. Listen to this man with MS tell about loving our imperfections.


Denial of global warming is extinct


Come on world global warming is happening and what are we going to do about it. Lowering your carbon footprint is a start. As the world experienced the hottest year in the history since they were recording temperature, how can some of us be in denial that global warming exists.

Southern America’s farms may have to move northward, as drought could stop production of our food. Water is growing scarcer too. What you gonna do now world?


Natural solutions to depression. Getting more light into your retina’s helps too


The lack of light in your retina’s can cause the seasonal depression they call SAD. Staying active also helps and setting goals for yourself. Making a list of things i need to do each day keeps me on track. And getting exercise is a must. Read this article about natural remedies for depression