Durable Medical Equipment vendors face reduction in payments for wheelchairs and their assessories

If you know someone who has or needs a wheelchair please read the letter below and sign the petition to prevent vendors getting 30-50  percent cuts in their payments. It also would affect home assessments which are so helpful when you first get disabled and need someone to come to your home and help you make your home accessible.

Sign this petition to your representative, really easy, just read this letter then click to sign petition.

ALL TO ACTION:  Protect Access to Specialized Wheelchair Accessories   The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced they intend to apply Medicare Competitive Bid pricing to wheelchair accessories used on Complex Rehab wheelchairs effective January 1, 2016.  This will result in payment cuts of 20% to 50% and cause major decreases in the availability (or outright elimination) of individually configured wheelchair systems that people with disabilities rely on. As further explained in the Position Paper, this change is in violation of specific Congressional legislation and subsequent Medicare policy decisions that excluded Complex Rehab wheelchairs and related accessories from the Competitive Bid Program.  Congress must intervene to get CMS to rescind this change in order to prevent the disastrous results that will occur.      There is a BIPARTISAN “sign‐on” letter to CMS being circulated in the House of Representatives to resolve this problem.  Based on existing law and policy, the letter asks that CMS issue a rescission and stipulate that the current payment policy for Complex Rehab wheelchair accessories will be maintained.    The sign‐on letter allows Representatives to add their signatures to indicate their concern with the issue and their request for a resolution.  The more signatures, the more weight the letter will be given.   Our job is to get as many Representatives as possible to sign on by Noon on March 27th.    HERE’S HOW TO HELP Representatives need to hear from people in their home districts that this is a problem that needs fixing.   A website has been developed to provide information (including the Position Paper and copy of the letter) along with tools to assist you in getting your Representative to sign on to the BIPARTISAN letter to CMS.  Please go to http://cqrcengage.com/access2crt/CBpricing and take these three steps:   1. Email your House Representative‐ By providing your name and address at the website, the system will automatically identify your Representative and generate an email for you to send asking him/her to sign on to the letter to CMS. 2. Call your House Representative‐ After you’ve sent the email, calling the office as a follow up to ensure you get their attention is crucial in making sure your voice gets heard.  The website provides instructions, the phone number, and concise talking points to make your call effective. 3. Tweet your House Representative‐ Something as simple as sharing a message on social media can gain attention and make a lasting impression.  Share your tweet using #access2CRT and #ComplexRehab. Use these hashtags on Facebook too. Please share this Call to Action with others to get more people engaged.  We need to get this policy reversed so people with disabilities can continue to have access to the specialized equipment they rely on each day to maximize their function and independence.  Thanks for your assistance and support!     For additional information email info@access2crt.org or visit http://www.ac


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