Chronic back pain can be helped by resuming activity and low impact exercise.


Staying in bed can actually make back pain worse, the soonest you can resume your normal activities and doing some low impact exercises as tolerated can actually be helpful.


To the people who hate Obama, hate gays, hate women, an open letter to people who hate Obama more than they love their country.


This is a must read for anyone who hates Obama more than they love America, the people who hate women, hate gays, hate, hate the hate goes on. Like Taylor Swift said, People gonna hate, hate hate hate.

Here’s a open letter to all those people who need the comeuppance of the century. A great article during the time in American history where oppressed people aren’t going to take it any more. So all you misogynists and racists, sexists, this one’s for you

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Fox news drops in popularity, Bill O’Reilly suffers the worst hit.


The lowest ratings in their history, Fox news gets a grime reminder: people want to watch news that is contemporary and not outdated. It sure took long enough. Even Hannity was hit with low ratings.

It’s about time. The tea baggers are being called out and seen for what they are, outdated and prejudicial, and closed minded. We live in a new world. Turn Fox news off and watch your news somewhere else, anywhere else but Fox news.

Send Fox news packing, their tea bagging, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-everyone who isn’t white, is not being viewed by as many American’s. Bravo to the American public who just stopped watching.


Oregon Senator Peter DeFazio presents two bills to strengthen Social Security

Our ever committed Senator Peter DeFazio gets a good score from the ARC the agency for people with disabilities, for his two bills he presented to keep social security strong.

Two Bills to Strengthen Social Security Trust Fund Introduced in House
Last week, Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) introduced two bills that seek to preserve Social Security for future beneficiaries, including people with disabilities. The Fair Adjustments and Income Revenues (FAIR) for Social Security Act (H.R. 1984) would ensure that the Social Security Trust Fund is able to pay full benefits at least through 2057. This bill would do so by eliminating the cap that currently allows the wealthiest Americans to contribute a significantly lower percentage of their annual income to the trust fund. The bill was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Education and the Workforce Committee. The Social Security Protection and Truth in Budgeting Act (H.R. 1983) would ensure Social Security trust funds are not used for non-Social Security purposes. Additionally, it would separate Social Security trust funds from the federal budget so they could not be used to artificially lower the deficit. The bill was referred to the House Budget Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee. The Arc applauds the introduction of these two bills.


Radio station shuts down Rush Limbaugh due to protests from individuals and companies.


Shows how pressure from the public affects who people do business with. After twenty-two years of airing Rush’s program radio WBIC is quiting Rush’s extremist rants and shutting him down.

Read about who protested Rush and why. Well you probably know why. He’s a right wing extremist, radical, mean and nasty radio host who’s days are numbered due to all the companies and individuals and sponsers who are sick and tired of hearing his prejudice and misogynisim.  Bye bye Rush