Gloria Allred puts to test the NFL’s abuse pledge.

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If left to Gloria Allred, her client will see justice. The NFL’s abuse pledge to women puts it all out in the open. It’s about time, players have gotten away with abusing their women far too long. No longer will the NFL sweep it under their astroturf rug.
I think it’s time for Gloria Allred to be nominated to the CNN Hero’s.
Now every sport should follow suit. Stop the abuse of women by men who know better. A man’s too big, a man’s too strong.
Now women have people like Gloria to stand up to the male chovinism.

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Unrest in America caused by male aggression.

The message keeps repeating itself: When the police pull you over, pull over. When the police say get out of the car, get out of the car. When the police ask you questions- answer them.
Don’t run. Don’t drive away and get into a chase. “Yes sir, No sir”. It’s that way for everyone–everyone. It’s not about what color you are, it’s about respecting the police. Of which most are good police.
Don’t resist arrest. Don’t try to grab the officer’s gun. Don’t get into a wrestling match with police.
It’s that simple. Stop being the victim of your own consequences. Males need to learn to stand down. Males need to respect authority…of any color. All this male testosterone induced conflict, all the arrests, protests, wars, terrorism, athletes abusing their women, all the crimes against women and children. When will it end? When will the male psyche be healed with the power of love and restrain?
What this country needs are more females in positions of power. Let the power of estrogen change the country, change the world.
Vote to elect more women in government. Give women the chance to make a kinder, gentler America. Could we do any worse?


Rush Limbaugh gets the boot from Boston radio station


Rush gets the boot from a Boston radio station for all his hate speech, misogyny, and nasty talk, just when other sponsers pull out their ads for his show.

It’s about time, time to go Rush. Another angry, white man who are like dinasours, leaving the face of America in droves. Rush see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.


Beyond MS: Keep Moving a new book by Rosalie Richards

http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R9R426U/ref=pe_821280_137046170_em_1p_0_ti  A great book for anyone who has Multiple Sclerosis, and how movement is essential and can help with symptoms such as depression, muscle aches, progressing MS symptoms. It even has a low impact workout  video by me,  Diane DeVillers

Check it out, exercise can change your life and slow your progression and lift your mood.


“Urge for the going” a obscure song by Joni Mitchell


Treat yourself to this lost song I never heard before, “Urge for Going” by my favorite all time singer, songwriter Joni Mitchell. This explains life, the one’s we leave behind, the one’s who leave us, it all comes full circle.  Joni is recovering from an illness and you can send her love by tweeting #welovejoni tell her how much she helped us through the sixties and seventies and beyond, she’s one of the world’s top lyricist, and her music is ageless. Enjoy, then send her your love


A new video for “A song for MS” a challenge site to draw awareness to people with Multiple Sclerosis


“Raise the Dead” by Randall Conrad Olinger

The latest song posted to “A song for MS’ on facebook, where musicians post their songs to draw awareness to people with MS, then they challenge other musicians. Lots of cigar box guitar players. Come to the 2nd Cigar Box Guitar Fest NW all day at Eugene’s electic Saturday Market all day June 6th.