Cigar Box Guitar Fest NW June 6th all day at Eugene Oregon’s Saturday Market

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Black and white Vin

https://plus.google.com/110281594137407899585/posts/2XFd9YbHHFQ  Downtown Vinnie playing his cigar box guitar.

Come down to the Saturday Market on June 6th for it’s all day Cigar Box Fest NW in Eugene Oregon. Listen to the top Cigar Box guitarists play all day long at the eclectic Saturday Market downtown.

Listen to Jerry Zybach, Cigar Box Joe and Downtown Vinnie, The Budrows, Ben Rice and Sean Hawk see schedule below

Cigar Box Guitar Fest NorthWest
Saturday Market June 6th
10 am Jerry Zybach
12 Sean Hawk
1 Ben Rice
2 :15- Cigar Box Joe W Downtown Vinnie on Bass
3:30 -The Budrows
 CBG Raffle , CBG Schwag…..Door Prizes..
Soapbox Joe

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