“God lives in a nursing home in Wisconsin a short story by Diane DeVillers


Read my story about an elderly man who lived in a nursing home who was the oldest person I ever met. Because of a stroke the only word he could say was the word “One”. After awhile I developed a way to decipher his language. We became good friends.

This first appeared in ‘Setting Forth” an online magazine Nov of 2014.


Oregon passes progressive bills, and July 1 marijuana is legal.


This week, the Oregon Legislature wrapped up a historic session that moved Oregon forward on many critical fronts.

In an impressive string of legislative accomplishments, Oregon:

  • Became the first state in the nation with automatic voter registration, known as the new Motor Voter law
  • Enacted universal paid sick time for all workers, becoming the fourth state with such a law
  • Established universal background checks on all gun sales
  • Increased K-12 funding and made universal all-day kindergarten a realitystatewide
  • Reclassified most major birth control as over-the-counter medication and required insurers to cover a full 12-month supply
  • Banned “The Box” on job applications that prevented Oregonians who had served their time from getting back on their feet

Congratulations to the Oregon Legislature and Governor Kate Brown on a remarkable legislative session that will make a real difference in the lives of working families!