Ron Wyden reminds us of how Social Security helps women.

This week, we celebrate 80 years since FDR signed the Social Security Act into law. It’s made a huge difference for millions of Americans, lifting seniors out of destitute poverty and providing a measure of dignity in old age.

I’ve spent my career fighting for seniors. I founded the Oregon Gray Panthers and, in Congress, I’ve fought again and again to stop privatization, prevent harmful rules changes and insist that our opponents tell the truth about Social Security.

And one big truth is that Social Security is a crucial lifeline, especially for women.

  • Women tend to live longer than men and are at a higher risk of outliving other income streams.
  • Women are 57% of the beneficiaries over age 62 and 68% of those over age 85.
  • Social Security’s benefits to surviving spouses are critical to all retirees, but particularly for women who often outlive their male spouses.

You can count on me to always defend Social Security against those who traffic in half-truths and myths; against those who would cut or cap benefits; and against those who would put your earned benefits at risk.

Thank you for standing with me.  Together, we’ll fight to protect Social Security for another 80 years.


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