Poor people buying wild salmon and organic food, Fox news proclaims

Listen  to Jon Stewert slam Fox news.


How dare poor people buy wild salmon and organic food, Fox news is outraged over people buying good food with food stamps. What will they say next. Well listen to Jon Stewert slam them with his witty style.

Mary's flower

Remembering of Mary’s son

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Wind turbines finding home off California


The hopes and dreams of baby boomers are coming true, alternative energies that used to be a pipe dream are becoming a reality. Along with other counterculture values, organic food, sustainable practices, solar energy, and equality for everyone under the sun. Talk about good values.

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Women's rights

Feminism is not a negative word. Women across the world are joining in the insurgence of gender equality


Emma Watson of the Harry Potter series gets together with Malala Yousafazai the young woman who stood up for girls going to school and was shot in the head in Pakistan. These two strong women. from completely different worlds, come together to work toward a better world where girls go to school and women are empowered.

Educating girls will improve the world, start the path to healing and empower women worldwide. Women are the majority in the world. Tackling the pay equity between men and women, should be our goal for this decade of women going forward.
And where are the 275 girls that Boko Harem Islamic group kidnapped and married off? We must not forget them, ever. #BringOurGirlsHome


“Beyond MS: Keep Moving a book by Rosalie Richards

http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00R9R426U/ref=pe_821280_137046170_em_1p_0_ti   You must read this book if you have Multiple Sclerosis and even if you don’t. Anyone with a chronic disease could benefit from this book that talks about the necessity to Keep Moving. In the book she asked me to video my morning work out. So look for it inside the book.

I show you the easy, low impact exercise regiment that I started doing three years ago, it starts with a five mile bike ride on my incumbent bike and a weight work out, exercises you can do on your bed, and to end with gentle yoga stretches..dide on the beach 2014