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My response to Rand Paul standing up for women, sort of. Really?

I am listening to you (Rand Paul) on CNN trying to dirty Hillary’s campaign by bringing up Bill’s women abuse, how dare you, you angry little punk, you have allowed our legislature to forget women, try to defund Planned Parenthood, you didn’t pass laws giving women equal pay for equal work, we are still making 76 cents on the dollar, and you do nothing. How dare you try to look like you give a rip about women. Women will vote in our next President, and it won’t be you or Trump, it will be a woman. Are you afraid, when women get control in this country that they will treat you like you have treated women? You are no spokes person for any woman i know. Women are progressive and inclusive, you come from the white boy league who doesn’t care about women. I hope you get to read this and send me a response and it better not be a form letter about how you love women. You are just like Trump, a fraud. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. False men making laws against women. You want a war on women? You may get it sooner than you think. Women everywhere in America vote for Hillary, it’s our only chance to be heard. We’ve allowed this long enough over hundreds of years. Can you stand up against men like Rand Paul and Trump? Can you?

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How to recognize a MS Flare up


MS is an on-going disease that proceeds on it’s own, on it’s own direction. Many people with MS experience flare ups of their disease. Those people have remitting kinds of MS, where symptoms change and any loss of function is restored.

I have the MS called Progressive MS, which proceeds with no regaining of losses but makes a slow steady course to more disability. In my case I haven’t gotten any worse, than the paralysis in my right leg, and the back pain. So i consider myself lucky.

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Malala Trounces Trump


You remember this little girl, Malala who was shot in the head for going to school. Well she took offence to Trump’s trash talk about Muslims. She has such poise and worldwide love for others. Read what she says about Donald.

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Senator Peter DeFazio comments about how to support the mentally ill

From our good Senator Peter DeFaziospider mum pin

Thank you for contacting me with your support for H.R. 2646, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. I appreciate hearing from you. You will be pleased to know that I am a cosponsor of this legislation.

As you may know, H.R. 2646   was created to fix our broken mental health care system by increasing funding and support for patients and families in need of mental health services. This legislation  would implement a  complete overhaul  of  our national  mental health system, starting with  the creation of an Assistant Secretary for Mental Health position within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) .  The Assistant Secretary would be responsible and accountable for all HHS mental health programs and policies and would be required to report to Congress on findings.  H.R. 2646 would also   expand Medicaid to cover psychiatric hospital services   for adults and  giv e   necessary power to families to be front-line caregivers

Additionally,  this   legislation provides support for advances in behavioral health clinics, medical research on mental health, and tele-psychiatry access. H.R. 2646  would  also  require  emphasiz ing treating mental health patients in the healthcare system and not in jail, providing necessary criminal justice reforms.

As a member of the Mental Health Caucus I have consistently fought for increased access to mental health services and increased funding for mental health research. I was a strong supporter of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, which prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against Americans who need mental health treatment. I have also supported efforts to ensure psychologists and other mental health providers have access to federal incentives to adopt electronic health records and are able to bill Medicare for services that they are legally authorized to perform without physician supervision requirements.  

We cannot afford to ignore mental illness and the tragedies that may ensue if it is left untreated.  H.R. 2646  would  initiate   the major reforms needed to fix our failing mental health system.  You can be sure  I will continue to work with the Mental Health Caucus and the rest of my colleagues to  ensure that  mental health services are available to any and every American who needs them.

Thanks again for writing. Please continue to keep in touch.


Fourth Congressional District, Orego


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Oregon author publishes “The Eve Chronicles”

http://www.amazon.com/Diane-DeVillers/e/B00BWY3Q9K Check out my author page, under Diane DeVillers and my new paperback book called “The Eve Chronicles”. A story based on my journals from the early 80’s when I lived in the deep forest of the Wallowa Mountain in Eastern Oregon, doing timber inventory in some of the most remote areas near the notorious Hell’s canyon. Check out my author page

The Eve Chronicles

Three books make “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers.

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After Trump’s racist comments, even the GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan should denounce Trump

After this week’s Trumps boner, about sweeping all Muslims into one lot, even some Republican’s are breaking rank and denouncing Trump. Why is Paul Ryan, the new GOP Speaker of the House, still saying he will support Trump??? Say what? In a world gone wrong, this Republican debate hopefully will show the country just what they all stand for. Read about how what he said should disqualify himself to be President.


I feel sorry for the GOP, how twisted Trump is making their party. Why won’t the other Republicans stop their support? Trump proves himself every day that he’s racist, sexist, misogynist bully, and yet many still love the guy.

Come on America, don’t vote in this movie star, with no values except those against the mainstream.

This guy spews out hate speech from his hate of Hispanics to the hate of all Muslims. He’s ignorant.

Do the right thing, Dump that chump, Trump

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Help wheelchair and accessories providers

Use the link below to ask your Representatives in Washington in the House and Senate to preserve the current system to access wheelchairs and their accessories and not put undue burden on the suppliers of them. This could result in huge cuts to providers and a cut in services to people with disabilities who live in rural America.

http://action.aahomecare.org/congress/beach and me



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Read the NY Times editorial about safe gun control needed.

In a rare front page editorial the New York Times offer a rational view of gun control laws needed. Keep an open mind. Why should someone on a no flight list be allowed to buy an assault rifle?


Why all the fear and violence, perhaps its time to lay down our guns and start to find solutions with insight and compassion. My father was in the Airforce and never owned a gun, nor felt the need to have one.

Why can’t we stop all this macho man belief that we one day will need to take over our government? It just isn’t going to happen. No one needs to own an assault rifle with a large cache of bullets, enough to go on a tirade killing people we don’t like. Get ahold of your egos and learn to solve your problems with a little sanity and plain old love and peace.


A beautiful tribute to Georgia O’Keefe.