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Read the NY Times editorial about safe gun control needed.

In a rare front page editorial the New York Times offer a rational view of gun control laws needed. Keep an open mind. Why should someone on a no flight list be allowed to buy an assault rifle?


Why all the fear and violence, perhaps its time to lay down our guns and start to find solutions with insight and compassion. My father was in the Airforce and never owned a gun, nor felt the need to have one.

Why can’t we stop all this macho man belief that we one day will need to take over our government? It just isn’t going to happen. No one needs to own an assault rifle with a large cache of bullets, enough to go on a tirade killing people we don’t like. Get ahold of your egos and learn to solve your problems with a little sanity and plain old love and peace.


A beautiful tribute to Georgia O’Keefe.


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