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Ex-KKK Mr Duke loves Trump. Of course he does.

http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/david-duke-kkk-vote-donald-trump/2016/02/25/id/716116/?ns_mail_uid=95761859&ns_mail_job=1656945_02252016&s=al&dkt_nbr=zfiunqhw Of course the ex-KKK leader Duke loves Trump, it’s all about mad white people who don’t want the world to change, they don’t want to accept anyone of a different color, anyone who is a woman, anyone who is gay.
Poor white men having their male privilege taken away. Boo-hoo The only hope i have is that Trump will spend all his money on this election to only lose. The GOP have so many other more worthy people, Rubio, Kasich, Anyone but Trump Who loves a bigot, woman hating, person who mocks people with disabilities, who hates politically correctiveness because every time he opens his mouth he’s insulting someone. We have fought hard over the years to achieve a fair, decorum when talking to people, that correctiveness is what makes this country great.
Either accept diversity or be counted as incapable of change. You will be defeated, goodness always wins out over hate. You will see. What side are you on?

Go to StopHateDumpChump.com and sign on. He mustn’t be allowed to win and be our President in Chief. Already national papers are calling for Trump to be defeated. The UK parliament has said they won’t deal with him if he wins.

Do the right thing and stop his momentum. It’s a matter of don’t vote with your anger, it never comes to any good when you do.


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