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Comments of Susan Surandon on Chris Hayes show

Susan was on the Chris Haye’s show yesterday and was very glib, saying she wouldn’t vote for Hillary if Bernie didn’t win. She said that would get Trump elected and then that would be the revolution. Read what dailykos had to say. I say keep an open mind. And, didn’t Susan endorse Hillary in 08, why now does she desert her?


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Yes, they hate him because he’s black. And you know who I mean?

Yes, they hate him because he’s black, why do you think they are all angry about our country, when unemployment is at an all-time low of 4.9, and our economy has come back from when Bush left the country in a free fall toward a depression.

I’ve been saying this for a long time, all the hate comes from the GOP, tea bagger loving crowd, that has hated that our President is a black man. Racists and women haters too. Just think how they will treat a woman President.

Well unless you want Donald Trump to be our President, you better get your head right and vote for Hillary.queen annes lace

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Elizabeth Warren scolds the GOP for 7 yrs of Obstruction


Ever since President Obama was elected the GOP said they would obstruct every idea he had, and the last seven years have proven that. Either upset that a black man is President (yes i am bold enough to say it) or just downright meanness, the GOP have said no to everything our President tried to accomplish.

Then the Cheif Justice died and it’s time to choose another to the Supreme Court, this is according to our constitution, that our President can give suggestions to who that person should be. And here we go again, the GOP won’t let it happen. Obama even was going to suggest a conservative, to replace a conservative. and still the GOP is saying they won’t allow any candidates to be chosen.

It’s a matter of doing what’s part of our constitution, and they say they won’t allow it. These obstructionists should be charged with trying to interfere with this process. They want to wait until after the election, during a time when many issues are coming before the Supreme Court. Like challenges to Roe VS Wade.

Don’t worry, when Hillary wins she will be able to appoint the judge and perhaps she wil choose Barack Obama.beach and me

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Trump rally disrupted, karma sucks dude

That’s what all his hate speech gets him, comes back around, karma sucks dude. Good, loving people everywhere are standing up to this bully. He taps into a sad section of America where people hate anyone who isn’t white. They say “He says what people want to say” not everyone of us, just the racist, sexist, haters. Donald you will never be president, drop out now before something bad happens

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Multiple Sclerosis can be misdiagnosed for years.

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I went years before i found out that I had MS. at first they thought i had sympathetic nerve dystrophy in my foot, I spend loads of money on PT and alternative medicine. It wasn’t until 6 years later that i was sent to a neurologist that i finally found out i had MS. It was a relief to finally find out what the heck was going on with my body.

I had balance problems, my foot dropped causing me to twist my ankle and wrench my upper leg muscles more than a few times. I found out that i had progressive MS, the kind that can keep steadily worsening. My right leg is partially paralyzed, i walk with a walker and sometimes need to use a wheelchair. I have severe back pain, which i can now get relief from massage. During the summer, i have to make sure i don’t get too warm, as people with MS don’t process heat correctly and it can cause me to get vertigo.

The fatigue that comes with MS is a constant companion. I have to ration out my energy so i don’t hit a wall and run out of energy. But its bearable, all of it, i still have a quality of life i have always longed for. I became a writer and published three books in a paperback book called “The Eve Chronicles”.

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Find those cast iron pans, your doctor says use them for health benefits


Look in the back of your cupboards and pull out those cast iron pans that grandma gave you. If they look rusty or dull, you can cure them washing them in hot water, no soap, then place on a stove until the water evaporates. Then put a small dab of olive oil on a paper towel and put on a light layer of oil on the pan. Now it’s ready to use.