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Vice President Biden’s speech on Orlando and why the GOP said no to new gun safety rules

Our vice president Joe Biden gives his thoughts on why Orlando shooting should be our clue to passing stricter gun safety laws. Today the GOP shut down four bills to address the need for safer gun safety rules. Mary


The hippy generation gave the world many good things.

Source: The hippy generation gave the world many good things.

The hippy generation started many good things, brotherly and sisterly love, equal rights for people of color, women’s liberation, environmental awareness, alternative energies, anti-war belief, organic foods, and enjoying themselves. Many former generations did not like them, in fact “Punch the Hippy” was a sport.

But in the end they made the world evolve, become more conscious of the fact that we are on this earth to love one another. The stigma of using marijuana is now becoming more excepted in states that are legalizing it. Our music opened more minds across the world and is still influencing the next generation.

Loving Mother earth and Father sky, loving each of God’s children, how can that be bad?

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Don’t believe fake Trump!

Like in the Wizard of Oz,  “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” like Trump appearing to be presidential last nightdide on the beach 2014 when he read off the teleprompter, he hasn’t changed his true colors. He’s still the same bigot that he has always been, he’s just listened to his handlers and is faking a sane person.

No one can take away the historic event when Hillary Clinton was the first woman to be nominated for President. Don’t let Trump steal our thunder.