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Having friends helps you live longer. No, really!

Having friendships in your life can help you in dozens of ways, from living longer to sustainingdusky's wondersite good mental health.

Hey, stick your neck out, will ya?


Haters gonna hate. A gun toting man standing outside a recruiting center in Eugene Oregon


I can no longer hold back my opinion about how much our country needs fair gun control. I think that mentally ill people should not own a gun. Look to the news, at just another gun incident in a movie theatre, really? Americans, why do you still stand by and allow these massacres to go on.
Now I know gun owners hackles will go up, but please read the rest of my post before you hit me back with your “gun loving” answer. I think the only people who really need guns are women; we are physically weaker than men, men are bigger and stronger and should be able to defend themselves. With that said, I still would never buy a gun. My father and his father (both who fought in wars and are Veterans) never ever had guns in our house while I grew up. They never hunted either…

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Song “Do Something About it” released from Eugene Oregon during divisive times

“Do Something About It” is a song about doing the right thing, standing up for things you believe in. The world is becoming more and more evolved into a world consciousness, that believes that standing up for our rights still rings true. Baby boomers wanting change, are resisting the recent election. The song is released from Eugene Oregon by two former band mates from the days in the nineties when they were in the band “Nervous Rex”.

Diane DeVillers and Mark  (Vinnie) Alaniz, just celebrated 23 years together.