About Diane DeVillers

I am a newly published author check out my “The Eve Chronicles” in paperback, it has three of my novels, “From the Waters of Coyote Springs” a fictionalized memoir of the days when i  was a forester doing timber inventory in the remote area of the Wallowa Mts in Eastern Oregon near Joseph. Living in my tent with a group of mismatched crew members who spend their days doing timber stand exams for the forest service

The second novel in the collection is “Felix and Eve” about the time I was a caregiver to an elderly man who just got heart by-pass surgery and who needed a live in while he recovered. Felix tells stories of his days when he worked for the notorious Al Capone during the days of Prohibition in Chicago during the good ole days.

The third book in the collection is “The Arrangement” about a retired babyboomer who lives in Eugene Oregon a progressive, artists mecca in the Pacific Northwest. She spends every summer in Catalina Island when she re lives the past with an old friend and former lover who has Multiple Sclerosis.



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