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Autumn comes in one fell swoop

Autumn always makes me melancholy, from the years in WI when winter was more drastic, here in Oregon lesser soFeatured Image -- 1741

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Oregon author publishes “The Eve Chronicles” about a counterculture woman Check out my author page about my book “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers aka girlpower. Eve lives in her tent doing timber stand inventory for the Forest Service. She’s an independent woman who knows her own mind and lives her life by her own intent. The book has three books in a Eve series. the first book is “From the Waters of Coyote Springs”.

The second book ‘Felix and Eve” is when she moves to Gold Beach on the Oregon coast and spends the summer with an elderly man recovering from heart bi-pass surgery.

The third book is “The Arrangement” when Eve is now a retired baby boomer living on Moon Mt in Eugene Oregon, a friend, Vinnie lives in her back yard in a yurt. Every year Eve travels to Catalina island to spend the summer with a former lover. Vinnie is in love with Eve but remains silent.The remarkable life of a woman in Oregon who knows her own mind, and tries to find her place in the world.

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The best 32 signs from the Woman’s March in Washington.!0Hf/ This is my personal protest in front of the Federal Building in Eugene Oregon, in protest to the election where a candidate incited hate and mocked the disabled.keep-love-alive-corner

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Song “Do Something About it” released from Eugene Oregon during divisive times

“Do Something About It” is a song about doing the right thing, standing up for things you believe in. The world is becoming more and more evolved into a world consciousness, that believes that standing up for our rights still rings true. Baby boomers wanting change, are resisting the recent election. The song is released from Eugene Oregon by two former band mates from the days in the nineties when they were in the band “Nervous Rex”.

Diane DeVillers and Mark  (Vinnie) Alaniz, just celebrated 23 years together.

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What side of history will you be on?

Hillary will rise up and make herstory when American’s vote for the most rational, sane, experienced choice. The storm is coming Tuesday what side of history will you be on? Or will you vote for a man who divides us, who shouts and struts, who is a racist, sexist, sexual predator?

Vote your conscience. Shatter that glass ceiling and empower women. Vote in our first woman President. Where will you be when the storm of this election hits on Tuesday?


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What age should you give up wearing blue jeans?

Ya ever wonder when is the time to stop wearing blue jeans. A thing many baby boomers are asking. I say as long as you want you should wear them. But this study says at a certain age one should consider giving them up. Do you think it’s the age when you first see what belly fat is?

Gun toting at Eugene Recruitting office