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MS can turn out to be a good thing.

Read this great blog about finding out you have MS


Your essay really hit home for me, as it expressed exactly how i felt waiting for the dr to tell me the news. As i was walking into the doctors, there was a long hall to get to his door and i thought to myself, “when i walk out this door my life will be changed forever” and it did. But like you said, it doesn’t define me, thinking the worst is only a first response, since i had progressive kind i thought my life was over. After the initial shock of it all, was over, i developed into a calm state where i began the first day of the rest of my life. My MS stabilized and hasn’t progressed in 10 years, . One day when i was cleaning out my closets, i found my journals from the early days when i first moved to Oregon, when i worked as a timber inventory forester in the Wallowa Mts in eastern OR. As i read them, i started to chuckle and thought, these would make a good book, so i wrote three fictionalized memoirs, i never would have found the time to write, if it wasn’t because of MS. I worked 35 years in service to people with disabilities, who better to know, life can be just as good even if you use a walker or are in a wheelchair. My profession taught me how to access grants, durable medical equipment so i knew the ropes. So without MS i never would have published my three books. “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers, check it out on amazon. Life changes, we adapt, and then finally we accept. Your story transported me back to the early days when i found out that yes MS can be a monster, but i am no longer afraid of my dragon, who waits for me, who someday will consume me, but i fight it, i do my best to adapt and move forward to what ever my path will be.


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Multiple Sclerosis can be misdiagnosed for years.

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I went years before i found out that I had MS. at first they thought i had sympathetic nerve dystrophy in my foot, I spend loads of money on PT and alternative medicine. It wasn’t until 6 years later that i was sent to a neurologist that i finally found out i had MS. It was a relief to finally find out what the heck was going on with my body.

I had balance problems, my foot dropped causing me to twist my ankle and wrench my upper leg muscles more than a few times. I found out that i had progressive MS, the kind that can keep steadily worsening. My right leg is partially paralyzed, i walk with a walker and sometimes need to use a wheelchair. I have severe back pain, which i can now get relief from massage. During the summer, i have to make sure i don’t get too warm, as people with MS don’t process heat correctly and it can cause me to get vertigo.

The fatigue that comes with MS is a constant companion. I have to ration out my energy so i don’t hit a wall and run out of energy. But its bearable, all of it, i still have a quality of life i have always longed for. I became a writer and published three books in a paperback book called “The Eve Chronicles”.

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The Change of a lifetime, how getting MS was one of the best things in my life


This is my entry to the WorldPulse site for the world’s women to unify. They asked for us to submit our stories to show the world how we survive and thrive.

Eugene Celebration 2013 and Staycation a t Inn at The Market 050

“Felix and Eve” takes place in Gold Beach Oregon

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Can higher doses of Vitamin D slow MS progression?

Vitamin D link to MS

After moving to Oregon and experiencing some of the darkest winters ever, I found out I have extremly low levels. It may have been part of the reasons why i developed Multiple Sclerosis. That and the fact i was exposed to a virus or toxin by the age of 15, mine being Mono.

Research shows that perhaps higher levels of Vitamin D like 10,000 IU could slow the progression of the disease by deflating the immune system.


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How to recognize a MS Flare up


MS is an on-going disease that proceeds on it’s own, on it’s own direction. Many people with MS experience flare ups of their disease. Those people have remitting kinds of MS, where symptoms change and any loss of function is restored.

I have the MS called Progressive MS, which proceeds with no regaining of losses but makes a slow steady course to more disability. In my case I haven’t gotten any worse, than the paralysis in my right leg, and the back pain. So i consider myself lucky.


Misdiagnosis happens a lot with people with Multiple Sclerosis


I knew this to be true, i started tripping a lot and was told i had sympathetic nerve distrophy in my foot, going years to Physical Therapy, spending all kinds of money, until one day my PT gal said, has anyone given you an MRI? I think you could have MS. What a relief when they sent me to a neurologist and he told me I had Multiple Sclerosis. For four years i knew something was wrong. The weak right leg, the feeling vibrations in the feet and around my middle. And the fatigue and heat intolerance.

I was so happy to finally find out what was wrong with me.  Then comes the fear. Then came the time for me to go online and discover just what MS was. I had, have the Progressive kind of MS, where disability continues, with no relapse, no getting back what i lost. I have two muscles that are paralyzed in my right leg, which explained the drop foot and falling all the time. They made me a foot brace that helps me walk without tripping.

I have to avoid the heat, I have to slow down and take naps to “Refill the Cup”. Stress is like a packman in my brain, eating away at my nerves, the nerves that control my leg.

But i was able to retire at 53, and one day when i was cleaning out my closet, i found my journals from the early eighties when I first moved out to Oregon. I lived like a nomad, in the Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon with a group of foresters who did timber inventory for the forest service. I started reading the journals and started to chuckle and decided that I would write a book, which I did. Actually three books, “From the Waters of Coyote Spring”, “Felix and Eve” and “The Arrangement” which are all in one paperback book called “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers aka (SmartyPants).

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The first book of "The Eve Chronicles.

The first book of “The Eve Chronicles.