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Jeff Merkley opposes offshore drilling off Oregon coast

In Jeff Merkley’s words, “I’m leading more than three dozen of my colleagues to urge the Trump administration to abandon their ill-advised effort to expand offshore drilling to 90% of our outer continental shelf against the will of hundreds of impacted communities Heron from Oscar's friend in CAand to instead maintain the protections outlined in the existing 2017-2022 plan. Expanding offshore drilling into nearly all of our publicly held waters at a time when we’re already dealing with the devastating impacts of climate disruption is extremely reckless and shortsighted. It would threaten coastal communities, fragile ecosystems, subsistence hunters, and indigenous tribes, all while further exacerbating climate disruption.

In Oregon and all along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, offshore drilling is a threat to the way of life for our coastal communities. Offshore drilling will diminish tourism, harm commercial fishing operations, and pollute the water, not to mention the devastating impacts of likely spills, as we’ve seen time and time again, such as with Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon. We cannot sacrifice our coastal communities and environment for the short-term gain of big oil companies. I’ll keep fighting to protect our coastlines.

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Methane found in drinking wells where natural gas and fracking done.


Drinking wells have methane in them near where natural gas and fracking was done. The reality of these sometimes unsafe drilling has come to pass

Environmental disaster

Humans hit new low, huge balls of plastic in our oceans.

Heron from Oscar's friend in CA


Humans hit new low, our garbage is being spun by currents into huge balls, come to Bali and swim with the fish and the garbage from continents away. And guess what was the most of the garbage? Single serving containers, seems humans like easy, quick meals.

So do something about it. Stop buying bottled water to start. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

So forget about that Bali scuba diving vacation unless you want to swim with plastic. Will we ever learn?