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Trump is a Male Supremacist

Trump and men like him are Male Supremacists.

Trump’s recent emboldening of White Supremacists and White Nationalists which lent itself to the shootings in El Paso should also include his hatred of women. He’s a male supremacist, He’s a misogynist which is defined as a person who dislikes, despises, or is stringing prejudiced against women: synonyms: woman-hater, anti-feminist, male chauvinist, male supremacist, chauvinist, and sexist.

The proof?  The way he disrespects women by grabbing them in the pussy, and the dozens of women who have accused our President of sexual assault. Two have accused him of rape, his ex-wife (who he probably paid off to drop the charges) and the woman he raped in the dressing room of the NY department store.

How about the women he paid off so they would keep quiet about his affairs with a stripper and playmate? One affair was just after the birth of his son. He disrespects his wife and yet she stands behind him.

Look at the way he disrespected 4 women Congresswomen when he attacked “The Squad”, that was not only racist but also was misogynistic. He can’t handle strong women; he disses Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi.

Our presidents’ payoffs stripper Stormy Daniels and PlaymateKaren McDougal. These are the types of women he cheats on his wife with.

And where is the outrage from his daughter Ivanka and his wife Melania? Why can’t they stand up to him and get him to apologize for his part in the divisiveness he’s created? No, they remain silent, mute

When will Americans say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? When will people go to the streets as they did in Puerto Rico and protest this President’s long list of offenses against the people of our country? Don’t wait for the election Congress should impeach him immediately.




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Vice President Biden’s speech on Orlando and why the GOP said no to new gun safety rules

Our vice president Joe Biden gives his thoughts on why Orlando shooting should be our clue to passing stricter gun safety laws. Today the GOP shut down four bills to address the need for safer gun safety rules. Mary

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Oregon could lead the way in being first state to limit people involved in domestic violence from owning guns

It’s about time. Oregon is trying to pass a bill that prevents someone involved in domestic violence from owning a gun. What a great idea. Since the largest group that kill their spouces are men who are usually behind killing their wives.
SB 525 – Preventing Gun Violence in Domestic Violence Situations: This bill will protect families by bringing Oregon laws into alignment with federal laws prohibiting gun possession for perpetrators of domestic violence. SB 525 prohibits the possession of a firearm or ammunition by most people who are subject to a restraining order or who have been convicted of certain misdemeanor crimes involving domestic violence.

Since October is “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” this bill would prevent many deaths.

Remembering of Mary's son

Remembering of Mary’s son