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Having friends helps you live longer. No, really!

Having friendships in your life can help you in dozens of ways, from living longer to sustainingdusky's wondersite good mental health.

Hey, stick your neck out, will ya?

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Fibromyalgia and why we get it.

This disease affects mostly women over the age of fifty. This link is a wellspring of knowledge explaining why we get it and how to live with it.

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Having friends will make you live longer.

Having good relationships actually, make you live longer. Take this fun quiz. And pets count. Making new friends will increase your length of life.


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Find those cast iron pans, your doctor says use them for health benefits

Look in the back of your cupboards and pull out those cast iron pans that grandma gave you. If they look rusty or dull, you can cure them washing them in hot water, no soap, then place on a stove until the water evaporates. Then put a small dab of olive oil on a paper towel and put on a light layer of oil on the pan. Now it’s ready to use.

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MS World shares a touching video about touching lives with people who have Multiple Sclerosis

MS World the larges patient based organization that serves people with MS. Watch this touching video.

You can also listen to some great music video’s on facebooks “A song for MS” where musicians challenge other musicians to post their videos to draw awareness to people with MS.