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Taking away my Carbs

This is my response to the question asked me by one of my survey sites about some new diets are asking you to take bread and carbs out of your diet.
Like the Whole 360 or Paleo diet where you eat like cavemen and women.


DONT MESS WITH MY BREAD B!!!   I’m starting to sound like Oprah, my hands are sweaty, do you mean there is an existence where you can’t eat bread? Come on, seriously. Mankind and Womenkind have been eating bread for centuries and now you want to take that from me. I’ve started using good oils, I cut down on cheese, I cut down on fats, i no longer use butter, well, i use land o lakes olive oil and butter mix, I cut down on salt, I am still trying to cut out sugar and am failing helplessly, I’ve taken to grabbing chicken lunch meat and a handful of lettuce and eating it for lunch without the bread and mayo.


Now you want to take away my newly discovered Naan bread. No this is too much. Do you mean I have to clear out my “Carb Palace” as we call it,  the place where we keep our junk food, heck we even hid our bad food in a drawer so we don’t look at it, and shamefully hide it from friends when they come over? And now this, like the commercial it’s just not right. Just like the carpet shower,, or people licking the dip from their fingers after dipping them in the dip bowl.


Ok, my blood pressure has resumed normal range and I’m beginning to see the point of your question. Sure we should try to cut down. Carbs equal sugar, I remember the day when someone described it to me, and I was horrified that bread was like a candy bar. Who made that up? Ah, come on people, can’t I have my lactose free Arla cheese spread and my Naan tonight?


I know eat more veggies and lean meat. In fact, my true Vegan friend keeps showing us pigs standing in a metal cage with no room to move,  or her well intending tongue lasting about why we eat chicken and fish, I’ve given up red meat and pork, now I should quit eating that. Heck, we even have two nights a week dinners with no meat, just breakfast for dinner for us.


I know they do have a point, so all i can promise is that i will be mindful and try to cut down on bread and carbs. But tonight when I tear off a piece of Naan bread I’ll feel guilty again, filled with shame I’ll enjoy every bite
Your question is like this Trojan Horse it comes with a hidden agenda and I stand on guard to go kicking and screaming, “Not my bread!”