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The best 32 signs from the Woman’s March in Washington.!0Hf/ This is my personal protest in front of the Federal Building in Eugene Oregon, in protest to the election where a candidate incited hate and mocked the disabled.keep-love-alive-corner

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Vietnam War Activist passes

Tom Hayden a peace activist during the Vietnam War, passed away at the age of 78. He was once married to Jane Fonda. He was also involved in the Chicago seven trial and lead a life of standing up for people. He served terms in the California Legislature.

I imagine he met Jane while they both worked to stop the Vietnam War. annes lace


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Trump rally disrupted, karma sucks dude

That’s what all his hate speech gets him, comes back around, karma sucks dude. Good, loving people everywhere are standing up to this bully. He taps into a sad section of America where people hate anyone who isn’t white. They say “He says what people want to say” not everyone of us, just the racist, sexist, haters. Donald you will never be president, drop out now before something bad happens

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Unrest in America caused by male aggression.

The message keeps repeating itself: When the police pull you over, pull over. When the police say get out of the car, get out of the car. When the police ask you questions- answer them.
Don’t run. Don’t drive away and get into a chase. “Yes sir, No sir”. It’s that way for everyone–everyone. It’s not about what color you are, it’s about respecting the police. Of which most are good police.
Don’t resist arrest. Don’t try to grab the officer’s gun. Don’t get into a wrestling match with police.
It’s that simple. Stop being the victim of your own consequences. Males need to learn to stand down. Males need to respect authority…of any color. All this male testosterone induced conflict, all the arrests, protests, wars, terrorism, athletes abusing their women, all the crimes against women and children. When will it end? When will the male psyche be healed with the power of love and restrain?
What this country needs are more females in positions of power. Let the power of estrogen change the country, change the world.
Vote to elect more women in government. Give women the chance to make a kinder, gentler America. Could we do any worse?