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Mother bottlenose dolphin adopts an abandoned dolphin calf

https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2019/07/bottlenose-dolphins-adoption-oceans-calves/?cmpid=org=ngp::mc=social::src=twitter::cmp=editorial::add=tw20190730animals-dolphinadoptswhalecalf::rid&sf216767137=1 Bottlenose mother dolphin adopts another The adopted calf learned how to mimic bottlenose behavior.

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Jeff Merkley opposes offshore drilling off Oregon coast

In Jeff Merkley’s words, “I’m leading more than three dozen of my colleagues to urge the Trump administration to abandon their ill-advised effort to expand offshore drilling to 90% of our outer continental shelf against the will of hundreds of impacted communities Heron from Oscar's friend in CAand to instead maintain the protections outlined in the existing 2017-2022 plan. Expanding offshore drilling into nearly all of our publicly held waters at a time when we’re already dealing with the devastating impacts of climate disruption is extremely reckless and shortsighted. It would threaten coastal communities, fragile ecosystems, subsistence hunters, and indigenous tribes, all while further exacerbating climate disruption.

In Oregon and all along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, offshore drilling is a threat to the way of life for our coastal communities. Offshore drilling will diminish tourism, harm commercial fishing operations, and pollute the water, not to mention the devastating impacts of likely spills, as we’ve seen time and time again, such as with Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon. We cannot sacrifice our coastal communities and environment for the short-term gain of big oil companies. I’ll keep fighting to protect our coastlines.

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Rhino’s still being poached

Rhino from pixabay



Rhino poaching continues in Mozambique to supply markets in China and Vietnam the Rhino’s horns. Come on, let’s evolve and stop destroying our earth and wildlife.

Read this article about how this old tradition continues.

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Massive nets hundreds of years old on the bottom of our oceans still claiming wildlife

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Huge nets at the bottom of the oceans are still claiming fish and other wildlife that get stuck in them. And someone is doing something about it. A team of divers and ship owners are sending divers down to cut up the nets and bring them to the surface.

Evidently some of the nets can be up to three hundred years old, before they break down, they are trapping ocean fish and mammals in them. “Do Something About it” isn’t just a song by “Nervous Rex” two Eugene Oregon songwriters.