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First song of the eclipse ‘Living in the Path of Totality

Downtown Vinnie aka Mark Alaniz writes the first song of the eclipse called Living in the Path of Totality. Share this anywhere you can. Let’s make it go viral!


BestVin Profile pic ever


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Is the cure for Multiple Sclerosis getting closer?


A Cambridge scientist is getting close to finding a cure for MS. 2.3 million American’s would love to see that happen. Read about this woman’s discovery about how to stop the immune system from attacking it’s own body.dide on the beach 2014


Roger Ailes passes, the truth comes out

Roger Ailes and Donald Trump were part of a cronyism that degraded women for decades. The truth always comes out. The passing of Roger Ailes is the passing of the type of men he was. The dying out of men who grab power and p**** whenever they can are like dinosaur’s, one by one they fall.

http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/05/roger-and-me-a-reporter-reflects-on-his-ailes-coverage.html  The arm of God is swift.arm-of-god