Downtown Vinnie’s “Ragin Hormones” in a smokin cigar box guitar

Downtown Vinnie smokes out another great tune ‘Ragin Hormones” like a clattering train it steams ahead, playing his cigar box guitar Vinnie seldom disappoints .BestVin Profile pic ever

Come see Downtown V play when he hosts the second CIgar Box Guitar Fest NW June 6th all day at the Eugene Oregon’s Saturday Market downtown. All day event, players Ben Rice, The Budrows, Sean Hawk, Cigar Box Joe with Downtown Vinnie on Bass, and Jerry Zybach.


“Who I am” a little ditty by Downtown Vinnie on Cigar Box Guitar

Downtown Vinnie sings about himself and very well indeed. Don’t forget to set the date for the 2nd annual Cigar Box Guitar Fest NW on June 6th at the eclectic Saturday Market the open air market filled with all things magical. All day at the main stage come see “Ben Rice”, “The Budrows”, Cigar Box Joe and Downtown VInnie, Jerry Zybach,Shawn Hawk.

Come join in on the fun, get some fresh veggies, eat at the food booths and enjoy the booths with all the artwork and goods imaginable. Check out some more cigar box music by going to the facebook public site “A Song for MS” where musicians post their songs to bring awareness for Multiple Sclerosis then challenge other musicians to post.

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