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Research on motion in people with Multiple Sclerosis

Read this thought provoking article about studies being done about motion and movement in people with MS. How exercise is so worth doing, even though you would think it would add to your fatigue, it actually helps with it.



How to ease MS flare ups


Of all the ways I find exercise to be so necessary, when i don’t move that is when i feel the worst. Doing my 35 minutes on my incumbent bike while i read or watch tv, then i do some weight work 2 lb, then some crunches, leg work, then do a five minute walk and end it off with yoga

Want to see my work out? go to http://girlpower.hubpages.com/hub/Woman-with-Progressive-Multiple-Sclerosis-developed-her-own-low-impact-exercise-program


Free book till Christmas, about exercise and Multiple Sclerosis

Hi friends,
As you get ready for Christmas, I HOPE this can be a stocking stuffer for you.
My new ebook (you need a Kindle or some device with a Kindle app for an ebook) just came out, and since the free day didn’t happen, I asked for 3 free days, to make up for it.  From Tuesday Dec. 22 through Christmas day it is free–I would love for you or an MS friend of yours (or anyone who needs to jump start their New Year’s Exercise Resolution) to have it!  Here is the information–
Beyond MS–Get Moving! download free from Tuesday, 12/22 through Christmas Day.

Exercise during commercials and use the opportunity to work out.

Don’t touch that remote! Although we’re trained to Flip through channels DURING Commercials or fast-forward through our Digitally Recorded favorite sitcoms, we’re Overlooking A Great Opportunity exercise. Commercials tend to Run in two segments-Minute Average for the hour-Long Show. If you use time to That Get off your Butt, Get your heart rate up, Move around the house, and maybe even Sweat, you’ll be putting it to much better use than absorbing the details of the ShamWow.Can two-Minute intervals really help you Lose Weight?Definitely! It turns out you can burn 20 calories in two minutes pretty easily if you get intense about it. Here’s What you can burn DURING A Commercial Break: Two minutes of SIT-ups – 20 calories Two minutes of push-ups – 20 calories Two minutes of STEP-ups – 20 calories Two minutes of fast stairs – 20 caloriesTwo minutes of jumping Rope – 20 calories Two minutes of Shadow Boxing – 20 calories Two minutes of plyometrics (fast, powerful movements) – 20 calories Two minutes of jogging in Place – 20 calories Get the idea?Twenty calories may not seem like a lot when you consider that you need to burn at least 3,500 calories to lose a pound, but just one hour of watching television could mean more than 100 calories. (And Heavier people burn more Actually.) You know You’re doing it right if you Get your heart rate up and feel That slight Bead of Sweat on your Brow as you Settle down for the next Tribal Council. 

I watch the news every morning and afternoon and work out in my incumbent bike, then read during commercials. Its jut another way to get it done.