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Oregon woman publishes book about counterculture in Oregon Wilderness

https://www.worldpulse.com/en/community/users/girlpower/posts/73464   Oregon author publishes her book ‘The Eve Chronicles” which begins in eastern Oregon wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains. Eve searches for her place in the world.The first book ‘From the waters of Coyote Springs” takes place in the early 80’s when women were finding their own voice.

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The first book of “The Eve Chronicles.

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My book “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers takes place in the Wallowa Mts in Oregon


Read my author page about my book that takes place in the remote Wallowa Mts in eastern Oregon when I lived in my tent and worked as a forester doing timber surveys in eastern Oregon. It’s the closest I’ve become to being a vagabond. Living in my tent in alongside five other mismatched foresters, who were mostly men. I was teased relentlessly so cover frontThe Eve Chronicles cover (2)it didn’t take long until I was referred to as “The queen of the comeback”.


Songwriter sings to women celebrities like Lady Gaga who claim they aren’t feminist

This is funny, this song written to women celebrities who recently said they weren’t feminist nor think feminism is still needed today. Oh boy hold onto your hat. This gal belts out a ditty that will knock your sock off.


Oregon woman publishes book about her journey from the Wallowa Mts, to Gold Beach and Eugene

“The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers has three short novels, ‘From the Waters of Coyote Springs” is when she moves West to live the summers in the Wallowa Mts doing timber inventory. The second book ‘Felix and Eve” is when she moves to Gold Beach to be a live in caregiver for an elderly man who just had heart by-pass surgery. “The Arrangement” is the retired baby boomer who bought a house on Moon Mt in Eugene, Oregon, every year she gets the same letter with the same skeleton key in it and she travels to Catalina Island to spend the summer with someone from her past.


The story of a remarkable woman trying to find her place in the world

Follow the journey of a self reliant woman who moves to Oregon to work in the Wallowa Mountains doing timber surveys for the forest service. She pitches her tent with a group of mismatched foresters who are mostly men, who tease her relentlessly until she finds her voice and soon gets the nickname of “Queen of the comeback”