New author published “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers

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Three books in one paperback book, “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVIllers is the journey taken by a self reliant woman in the early 80’s,when she moves west to work as a timber cruiser for the forest service, working all day doing timber inventory in the remote Wallowa Mountains. She camps with a group of mismatched foresters who are mainly men who tease her relentlessly, and before long she has the nickname Queen of the comeback.

When Eve moves to the Oregon coastal town of Gold Beach she becomes a caregiver for an elderly man who is recovering from bi-pass surgery. She spends the summer with the cantankerous Felix and yet although from two very different generations, they become friends. Every night he tells her stories as they play cards in the screened in  porch. He tells her stories about the good ole days when he worked for Al Capone the notorious gangster in Chicago during prohibition.

Felix is very set in his ways and Eve is a go with the flow, of the counterculture generation. See what happens when they develop a very different relationship than either one of them would have expected.

“The Arrangement” is the now retired baby boomer Eve who has settled down and bought property on Eugene’s Moon Mountain. Vinnie, her long time friend, lives in a yurt in her back yard. Every year Eve gets the same letter with a skeleton key in it which takes her down to Catalina Island under a special arrangement,where she spends the summer with her former lovers who has the debilitating form of Multiple Sclerosis.  Vinnie remains on her estate as caretaker, tending to her gardens. Vinnie is in love with Eve but remains silent.


Father and daughter both publish books. He’s eighty-two, she’s 58.

Read a spy novel about the Korean War with the expertise of a Tom Clancy novel, highly researched about an American air force pilot who is half Sioux Indian and half Russian, who eventually makes his way to the top of the Russian Air Force. It’s named “The Stone Horse & Droshki by Ken De Villers.
Then his daughter , Diane DeVillers wrote three fictionalized memoirs “The Eve Chronicles” about Eve who moves west to work as a timber cruiser doing timber inventory in the Wallow Mountains in eastern Oregon. She then moves to Gold Beach to care for an elderly man who needs a live in caregiver for the summer. He tells her many tales of his life when he worked for the notorious Al Capone in Chicago.Then Eve, now a retired baby boomer, moves to Eugene and attends the Oregon Country Fair before going to Catalina Island to visit a former lover. Her caretaker, Vinnie who lives in her backyard  yurt in her back yard, in his yurt, stays behind as caretaker of her property. Vinnie is in love with her but remains silent.back cover for proof

A novel about the Korean War.

A novel about the Korean War.

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