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The story of a remarkable life, if i must say so myself Three stories of a woman coming of age in the wilds of the Wallowa Mountains in eastern Oregon, where Eve lives in her tent in a camp with five other foresters doing timber inventory for the Forest Service.

I found my journals from when I first moved to Oregon and sat reading them and chuckling to myself and I thought “these would make a great story” and so I started writing the three books in one paperback book. Check out my author page:




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My book “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers takes place in the Wallowa Mts in Oregon

Read my author page about my book that takes place in the remote Wallowa Mts in eastern Oregon when I lived in my tent and worked as a forester doing timber surveys in eastern Oregon. It’s the closest I’ve become to being a vagabond. Living in my tent in alongside five other mismatched foresters, who were mostly men. I was teased relentlessly so cover frontThe Eve Chronicles cover (2)it didn’t take long until I was referred to as “The queen of the comeback”.

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Oregon author publishes “The Eve Chronicles” Check out my author page, under Diane DeVillers and my new paperback book called “The Eve Chronicles”. A story based on my journals from the early 80’s when I lived in the deep forest of the Wallowa Mountain in Eastern Oregon, doing timber inventory in some of the most remote areas near the notorious Hell’s canyon. Check out my author page

The Eve Chronicles

Three books make “The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers.


Ron Wyden reminds us of how Social Security helps women.

This week, we celebrate 80 years since FDR signed the Social Security Act into law. It’s made a huge difference for millions of Americans, lifting seniors out of destitute poverty and providing a measure of dignity in old age.

I’ve spent my career fighting for seniors. I founded the Oregon Gray Panthers and, in Congress, I’ve fought again and again to stop privatization, prevent harmful rules changes and insist that our opponents tell the truth about Social Security.

And one big truth is that Social Security is a crucial lifeline, especially for women.

  • Women tend to live longer than men and are at a higher risk of outliving other income streams.
  • Women are 57% of the beneficiaries over age 62 and 68% of those over age 85.
  • Social Security’s benefits to surviving spouses are critical to all retirees, but particularly for women who often outlive their male spouses.

You can count on me to always defend Social Security against those who traffic in half-truths and myths; against those who would cut or cap benefits; and against those who would put your earned benefits at risk.

Thank you for standing with me.  Together, we’ll fight to protect Social Security for another 80 years.


Hummingbird by Oscar


Oregon passes progressive bills, and July 1 marijuana is legal.


This week, the Oregon Legislature wrapped up a historic session that moved Oregon forward on many critical fronts.

In an impressive string of legislative accomplishments, Oregon:

  • Became the first state in the nation with automatic voter registration, known as the new Motor Voter law
  • Enacted universal paid sick time for all workers, becoming the fourth state with such a law
  • Established universal background checks on all gun sales
  • Increased K-12 funding and made universal all-day kindergarten a realitystatewide
  • Reclassified most major birth control as over-the-counter medication and required insurers to cover a full 12-month supply
  • Banned “The Box” on job applications that prevented Oregonians who had served their time from getting back on their feet

Congratulations to the Oregon Legislature and Governor Kate Brown on a remarkable legislative session that will make a real difference in the lives of working families!


Daughter and Father publish books from Wisconsin and Oregon!blog/c112

“The Eve Chronicles” begins when Eve moves west to the Wallowa Mts in eastern Oregon where she works in a forester crew doing timber inventory in the forest service near Joseph Oregon. She soon becomes known as “Queen of the Comeback” by the men in the crew. They live in tents and trailers moving camp as they make their way north across the forest. The first book ‘From the Waters of Coyote Springs.” where Eve tries to find her place in the world.

The second book ‘Felix and Eve” is when she moves to Gold Beach where she becomes a live in caregiver to an elderly man who just had bi-bass surgery. These two people from very different generations adapt to each other, Felix is set in his ways, and Eve is a go with the flow kind of person. At night he tells her about the good old days when he worked for Al Capone the notorious gangster back in Chicago during Prohibition.

The third book in “The Eve Chronicles” is ‘The Arrangement” where Eve a now retired baby boomer has bought a house on Moon Mt in Eugene. Her long time fried Vinnie lives in her back yard in a yurt. They play in a band together and spend the weekend of the Oregon Country Fair together. Then like every year she gets a letter with a skeleton key in it and she head south to Catalina Island. She spends the summer with a former lover who has multiple sclerosis.

Vinnie stays behind to harvest her gardens and is her caretaker. Vinnie is in love with Eve but remains silent.

The remarkable life of a woman in Oregon who knows her own mind, and tries to find her place in the world.

The remarkable life of a woman in Oregon who knows her own mind, and tries to find her place in the worldcover for proof kens

Her father published his “The Stone Horse & Droshki” by Ken De Villers about the Korean War it’s a spy story in the mode of Tom Clancy, with lots of great research. The story is rich and full of history. How a half Sioux Indian half Russian man works his way up in the American Air Force only to ditch his plane and become one of Russia’s top Air Force officer.

Novel, The long description
The memoirs of Colonel General Yuri D. Danilov, born in the Ukraine,
Father an American full blood Oglala Sioux Indian. Mother a Ukrainian with
a close relationship to the Nikita Khrushchev family. Yuri Spends his
boyhood in Kiev, the Ukraine.

At age twenty he flies jet fighters as a member of the US Air Force in the
Korean War. He is recruited as a secret agent for the Soviet KGB. Leaving
Korea he is assigned to Edwards Air Force Base, California. In the late
1960’s he works on a top secret CIA project which develops the new
Lockheed U-2 spy plane. The CIA then uses these high flying jet planes
to over-fly the Soviet Union and gather data and photographs of secret
USSR military installations. In 1960 Yuri enables the Soviet air defense
to shoot down a CIA U-2 flown by Francis Gary Powers as it soars
over a Soviet military Base. When the CIA begins an investigation
looking for a suspected Soviet spy in US military ranks the KGB orders him
to return to Moscow.

Returning to his homeland he is allowed to serve in the Soviet Air Army.
Six months later Yuri is part of a group led by Premier Anastas Miloyan
which secretly meets in Mexico with US Attorney General Robert Kennedy
and a US delegation. In a long private session the two countries resolve
the dangerous October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. In 1965 Yuri helps train
North Vietnam MIG pilots and he flies several combat missions against the
Americans. In December 1979 he commands all the Soviet Air Regiments
during their Intervention into Afghanistan. He serves four years in the war
and after being badly wounded he is transferred back to Moscow for
medical treatment.

During his long military career servicing in two super powers Air Force’s
he gets to meet Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsen, Cosmonaut Yuri
Gagarin, Chuck Yeager and other notable aviation figures.

Yuri’s memoirs relate the inside view of the deadly political intrigue during
Soviet government secret changes. The USSR is a closed society
thus most of these events were never known to the Soviet people or the
world. We also follow his awaking to the failure of the Communist system.
Lastly this story relates the lasting love and devotion between Yuri and his
wife, the beautiful Japanese-Russian, Eiko Haraoka.!blog/c112v

my website on wix, check out my books.


Oregon woman publishes book about her journey from the Wallowa Mts, to Gold Beach and Eugene

“The Eve Chronicles” by Diane DeVillers has three short novels, ‘From the Waters of Coyote Springs” is when she moves West to live the summers in the Wallowa Mts doing timber inventory. The second book ‘Felix and Eve” is when she moves to Gold Beach to be a live in caregiver for an elderly man who just had heart by-pass surgery. “The Arrangement” is the retired baby boomer who bought a house on Moon Mt in Eugene, Oregon, every year she gets the same letter with the same skeleton key in it and she travels to Catalina Island to spend the summer with someone from her past.