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The best 32 signs from the Woman’s March in Washington.!0Hf/ This is my personal protest in front of the Federal Building in Eugene Oregon, in protest to the election where a candidate incited hate and mocked the disabled.keep-love-alive-corner

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Charles Blow’s words ring true.

Many American’s are waking up after the election with a bad taste in our mouths. How could our brothers and sisters vote in such a monster? A racist, sexist, sexual assaulting bully? How, why? All i know is that we have to hunker down and get ready for the next long four years, and know that one man will never change all the progress people of color and women have accomplished. How people with disabilities have come too far to let one bully make fun of them.

This is just their last attempt to stop something that can never be stopped. Loving our diversity will get us through this. Everyone on the street I am saying hello to, smiling, helping someone, opening my heart. One man will never keep us from overcoming just another bully in the long history of bullies.

Just breathe, move forward and never let one man stop you from loving one another. The storm, this too will pass.


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White Lash, white men, even women vote in Trump

San Eliho Beach

In what became a nightmare, I fell to my knees and cried when I heard Hillary lost the election. Trump will never be my President, he lost me when he continued to double down on racism, sexism, misogyny, and he sexually assaulted scores of women.

What will you tell your daughters? How will baby boomer women, who have worked at 76 cents on the dollar for four decades, accept this? It’s a sad day for America. Now we will see what a Republican President and all of Congress gets things done.

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Cognitive Exhaustion is real for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

poppy-on-fire I am beginning to realize when

I am beginning to realize when i start getting MS cognitive exhaustion and know when to lie down and reset my energy level. It’s worse when I get out and about in the community, where too much stimulation causes me to have what I call “Brain farts” and I lose my concentration, I also can cover up by saying I’m having a senior moment

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Coffee could help you not develop MS?

Early spring comes to the Willamette Valley near Eugene Oregon

Early spring comes to the Willamette Valley near Eugene Oregon

This study looks interesting although they admit it’s not completely been proven. And it takes 5-7 cups of coffee a day, which would prevent me from sleeping which isn’t good for MS fatigue. But it’s worth a look, says they found a link how drinking coffee can help you not develop MS. Wish this were true. But read it and decide for yourself.

Don’t forget to check out the public facebook site “A song for MS” a site where musicians challenge other musicians to post their music video’s or songs and then challenge other musicians to post their music. Listen to music from all over the world. All this is for awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Downtown Vinnie has lots of posts, he was the one to start the whole thing, imitating the ALS Challenge.